Yascha Mounk on "The Ezra Klein Show"

Yascha Mounk on "The Ezra Klein Show"

On May 23, 2017, Transatlantic Academy Yascha Mounk appeared on Vox's "The Ezra Klein Show" as the guest for the episode "Yascha Mounk: Is Trump’s incompetence saving us from his illiberalism?"

As Klein describes, Mounk is "the author of some of the scariest political science research I’ve seen in a long time. What Mounk found is that the consensus we thought existed on behalf of democracy and democratic norms is weakening. The percentage of Americans who think it’s important to live in a democracy has been plummeting in recent decades. The percentage of Americans who say they would support a military coup is worrying high. This is the context in which Donald Trump — a politician with clearly illiberal instincts — won the presidency. And this may help explain why he won the presidency: the political consensus elites thought he violated may not actually be a consensus anymore.

"The good news, which Mounk and I talk about in this podcast, is that Trump may have authoritarian instincts, but he doesn’t appear to have plans, and he definitely doesn’t appear to have the discipline to stick to his plans. We also discuss Trump’s bizarre first few months in office, as well as the challenges democracies face across the western world, and whether diverse societies make pluralist liberal democracies harder to sustain. Mounk is scary smart, he’s got an international perspective most commentators on American politics lack, and his story about becoming an American citizen after growing up Jewish in Germany is worth the price of admission on its own (that would be true even if this podcast wasn’t free). Enjoy!"

You can listen to the podcast here.