Frédéric Bozo and Stefan Fröhlich featured in Le Monde

Frédéric Bozo and Stefan Fröhlich featured in Le Monde

On March 25, 2017, Le Monde highlighted the Transatlantic Academy's recent media briefing hosted by the Paris office of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, called "The Future of U.S.-German Relations: The Case Against Complacency."

Journalist Sylvie Kauffmann quoted Senior Fellows Frédéric Bozo and Stefan Fröhlich in an article entitled "Le couple franco-allemand va être obligé de se raccommoder."

"The only way for Germany to live with Trump, Stefan Fröhlich judged... is to team up with Europe," Kauffmann writes. "In the Ukranian crisis, Angela Merkel found that, faced with Russia, relying on a partner like France, despite its economic weakness, had its advantages... For the past three years, the debate on the necessity of strengthening defense in Germany has progressed. There has even been timid discussion, since Donald Trump’s election, of the need to enable, along with Europe, a nuclear weapon for deterrence, the taboo of taboos. For France, whose defense efforts are expensive, this debate, with the possibility of burden sharing, comes at a timely moment.”

The full article in French can be read here.