“Religious Freedom is an Antidote to Religious Extremism”

Stephen Szabo, executive director of the Transatlantic Academy, discusses faith and foreign policy with Mustafa Akyol, Transatlantic Academy fellow. Szabo and Akyol examine whether Islam and Christianity can coexist with the liberal world order, the integration of Muslims in Europe, and how religious freedom can offset religious extremism.

From Russia With Love: The Moscow-Ankara Energy Affair

On May 13, 2015, TA Fellow Nora Fisher Onar and Agnia Grigas co-authored a piece in Forbes, entitled "From Russia With Love: The Moscow-Ankara Energy Affair", focusing on the energy relationship between Russia and Turkey. The full article can be found here.

Religious Activists and Foreign Policy in the West

Transatlantic Academy Program Officer Ted Reinert interviews Academy Senior Fellow Clifford Bob about how religious activists influence the foreign policy of the United States and other Western countries, the topic of Bob’s chapter in the Academy report Faith, Freedom, and Foreign Policy: Challenges for

Mercury or Mars? What Separates Germany and the United States

On Monday, April 27, 2015, The Globalist published a piece by TA Executive Director Steve Szabo. The article was adapted from an excerpt of his new book, “Germany, Russia, and the Rise of Geo-Economics” (Bloomsbury Publishing, December 18, 2014). The full article can be read here.

Book Review: "Want, Waste, or War?"

Omn March 5, 2015 Ruya Perincek, a Doctoral Researcher at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, wrote a review of the book "Want, Waste or War?" published by the 2011-12 Transatlantic Academy Fellows in November 2014.

Aftermath of the Paris Attacks: Issues of Integration and Inclusion in Europe

GMF fellow Adnan Kifayat discusses inclusion issues in Europe with Mustafa Akyol, Bosch Public Policy Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy and Peter Mandaville, Professor at George Mason University's School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs following the Paris terrorist attacks.

Want, Waste or War? A Conversation About the Global Resource Nexus

The 2011-2012 fellows of the Transatlantic Academy held a book launch on December 10 for Want, Waste or War? The Global Resource Nexus and the Struggle for Land, Energy, Food, Water and Minerals, based on the 2012 report of the Academy and published by Routledge in November.

Atlantic Dialogues - Religion and Foreign Policy

From October 24 -26, 2014, the Transatlantic Academy participated in the Atlantic Dialogues, a conference of the German Marshall Fund and OCP Policy Center held in Marrakesh, Morocco.

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The Post-Western World: Is There a Future for the Liberal Order?

On October 2, 2014 The Transatlantic Academy participated in a workshop held at the the Blinken European Institute at Columbia University in New York City. The event featured a presentation by May-Britt Stumbaum, Free University of Berlin, and a panel discussion with Sir Michael Leigh, TA Senior Fellow, and Christina Lin and Kateryna Pishchikova, both former TA Fellows.

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Ukrainian President Addresses U.S. Congress

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addressed a joint meeting of Congress on September 18th, 2014. Transatlantic Academy Director Stephen Szabo provides a readout of President Poroshenko's message.