New edited volume on German reunification from Bozo and Sarotte

In August 2016, Routledge published German Reunification: A Multinational History, edited by Transatlantic Academy Senior Fellows Frédéric Bozo and Mary Elise Sarotte as well as Andreas Rödder.

New book from Frédéric Bozo

In August 2016, Berghahn Books published a new book by Transatlantic Academy Senior Fellow Frédéric Bozo, French Foreign Policy Since 1945: An Introduction.

Stefan Fröhlich in European Foreign Affairs Review

In September 2016, the European Foreign Affairs Review published an article by Transatlantic Academy Senior Fellow Stefan Fröhlich, entitled "Transatlantic Leadership in a Multipolar World: The EU Perspective" as part of Volume 21, Issue 3.

Steve Szabo on The Diane Rehm Show

On September 7, 2016, Transatlantic Academy Executive Director Steve Szabo spoke on National Public Radio's "The Diane Rehm Show," in a segment on "The Rise of Populism and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in Europe" following the elections in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in which the Alternative for Germany party finished ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats.

Yascha Mounk on France 24

On September 1, 2016, Transatlantic Academy Fellow Yascha Mounk discussed 'Build a Wall' politics following U.S. presidential candidate Donald J. Trump's visit to Mexico as part of a panel on France 24's "The Debate." The discussion can be watched below via YouTube.

See video
See video

Yascha Mounk in Foreign Policy

On August 27, 2016, Foreign Policy published an op-ed by Transatlantic Academy Fellow Yascha Mounk, entitled "The West Can Have Burkinis or Democracy, but Not Both." Mounk argues that the story of bans on "burkini" swimsuits by French cities, one of which was just struck down by France's constitutional court, were indicative of a larger development in Western societies.

Yascha Mounk in Slate: "The Week Democracy Died"

On August 14, 2016, Slate published a long "cover story" essay by Transatlantic Academy Fellow Yascha Mounk, entitled "The Week Democracy Died." Mounk's piece examines the rise of illiberal democracy and its existential challenge to the liberal democracy many in Europe and North America have taken for granted.

Ivan Krastev in New York Times

On August 8, 2016, the New York Times published an op-ed on "America’s Dangerous ‘Putin Panic’" by Bosch Fellow Ivan Krastev.

Harold James in Project Syndicate

On August 2, 2016, Project Syndicate published an op-ed by Transatlantic Academy Senior Fellow Harold James, entitled "Brexit Fudge."

Steve Szabo on NATO in Defense News

On July 31, 2016, Defense News broadcast an interview with Transatlantic Academy Executive Director Stephen Szabo on NATO and the U.S. presidential election as well as the alliance's shifting priorities.