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David Cameron is Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Political Science Department at the University of Toronto, and is renowned for his significant career in public service at both federal and provincial levels of government. Professor Cameron’s interests include Canadian government and politics, questions of federalism and Quebec nationalism, ethnocultural relations, and the politics and constitution-making of emerging federal countries such as Sri Lanka and Iraq. His books reflect his extensive interests, and include Nationalism, Self-Determination and the Quebec Question; The Social Thought of Rousseau and Burke: A Comparative Study; Taking Stock: Canadian Studies in the 90's; The Referendum Papers: Essays on Secession and National Unity (ed.); Cycling into Saigon: The Conservative Transition in Ontario (with Graham White); and Disability and Federalism: Comparing Different Approaches to Full Participation (ed. with Fraser Valentine). Professor Cameron is the winner of the Governor-General’s International Award for Canadian Studies, the University of Toronto’s Ludwick and Estelle Jus Memorial Human Rights Prize, and the University of Toronto’s Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award. He has also worked under the auspices of the UNDP to help the Somali Independent Federal Constitutional Commission develop its draft constitution. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and received his B.A. from the University of British Columbia and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the London School of Economics.

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