Heidi Tworek in History and Technology

In August 2016, History and Technology published an article by Transatlantic Academy Fellow Heidi Tworek, entitled "How not to build a world wireless network: German–British rivalry and visions of global communications in the early twentieth century," as part of Volume 32, Issue 2.

New book from Harold James

In August 2016, Princeton University Press published The Euro and the Battle of Ideas, by Transatlantic Academy Senior Fellow Harold James, Markus K. Brunnermeier, and Jean-Pierre Landau.

Germany’s neo-Bismarckian strategy

The vote by the British people to leave the European Union has thrust Berlin into an even more pivotal position than it was already in – the future of the EU will now revolve even more tightly around Germany than ever before. In that sense, the United Kingdom has unintentionally created a “more German Europe.”

New edited volume on German reunification from Bozo and Sarotte

In August 2016, Routledge published German Reunification: A Multinational History, edited by Transatlantic Academy Senior Fellows Frédéric Bozo and Mary Elise Sarotte as well as Andreas Rödder.

New book from Frédéric Bozo

In August 2016, Berghahn Books published a new book by Transatlantic Academy Senior Fellow Frédéric Bozo, French Foreign Policy Since 1945: An Introduction.