Without the US, Europe is fighting a losing battle

By Thomas Straubhaar

Henry Kissinger, Francis Fukuyama, Amitav Acharya: In addition to the former U.S. Secretary of State many other clever geo-strategists currently think about a new “world order” – as the title of Kissinger’s latest book reads.

The right-wing populist politics of condemning anti-Semitism in Europe

An old specter is haunting Europe: anti-Semitism. Incidents of anti-Semitic speech, harassment, and violence have been rising, not only since the deadly attacks on Jews in Brussels last year and in Paris and Copenhagen a few weeks ago.

Book Review: "Want, Waste, or War?"

Omn March 5, 2015 Ruya Perincek, a Doctoral Researcher at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, wrote a review of the book "Want, Waste or War?" published by the 2011-12 Transatlantic Academy Fellows in November 2014.

Divide and Conquer

One of the most important stories in the ongoing confrontation between the West and Russia has been that of Western unity. Despite a wide array of different histories, interests and geography, the U.S.

Turkey and the European Union: Cooperating on Asylum and Migration, For All the Wrong Reasons

There is not much good news regarding Turkey’s relationship with the European Union. Even though opportunities for cooperation do exist (on trade and foreign policy, for instance), any attempt at rekindling the relationship seems to drown easily in tensions driven by negative domestic developments.

Turkey and the Euro-Atlantic Community: Turbulence and Ties of Interest

2014 was another year characterized by turbulence in Turkish relations with Europe and the United States. In Turkey’s neighborhood, large swaths of Iraqi and Syrian territory fell under the control of the Islamic State group and Russia annexed Crimea.