Uli Speck in The American Interest

TA Senior Fellow Uli Speck published a piece entitled "What Does Putin Want in Syria?" for The American Interest on Friday, October 9, 2015.

Ivan Krastev in The New York Times on Russia and Syria

On Wednesday, October 7, TA Bosch Public Policy Fellow Ivan Krastev, published an op-ed in the New York Times entitled "Is Vladimir Putin Trying to Teach the West a Lesson in Syria?"

Uli Speck on "The Case for Euro-Optimism", New York Times

On Tuesday, October 6, 2015, TA Senior Fellow Ulrich Speck published an op-ed, "The Case for Euro-Optimism," in the New York Times.

" Europe is declining, disintegrating, collapsing — for many observers, the only question left is how long this ugly drama will last. Across the Continent, optimism about the future of the European project is in short supply."

Germany Must Start to Address Root Causes of Refugee Crisis

By Ulrich Speck

Germany is hotly debating the refugee crisis, but astonishingly that does not translate into an intensified interest in its root cause, which is, to a large extent, the way the Assad regime is conducting the war in Syria.

Russia Bridges A Transatlantic Trust Divide

By Nelli Babayan

In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly called for international cooperation based on common interests, underlining that possible disagreements and compromise-based solutions are the core of international relations.