Immigration Policy in the Transatlantic World

In the United States, 2013 was supposed to be the year of comprehensive immigration reform, a package which would combine increased border security and worksite enforcement with legalization of unauthorized migrants and increase future flows of legal immigrants and temporary workers.

The German Energiewende: Drying Up or Moving Forward?

The expected change in the German government in late 2013 has marked a turning point in the country’s Energiewende — the plans to phase out nuclear energy by the year 2021 while continuing to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and to derive at least an 80 percent share of electricity from renewable energies in 2050.

A Never Changing World: Lessons from the Passover Seder

By Jessica M. Hirsch

Last week, Jews around the world gathered at their dining room tables for the ritual in-house service known as the Passover Seder. Marking the remembrance of the enslavement and subsequent exodus from Egypt, Passover is as much about teaching the next generation as it is about remembering the past.

European Union Energy Policy: 2013 in Retrospect and 2014 Looking Forward

After two years of intense debates and negotiations, European member states in April 2013 agreed to accept the EU regulation on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure. For the first time in history, European institutions will have a structural mandate regarding the construction of energy infrastructure, an area that had always been an exclusive domain of the member states.