Why China Prefers Europe to the United States

Not too long ago, members of the Chinese policy elite were still debating whether China’s ties with the United States would constitute their most important bilateral relationship. There was a consensus that China could become mostly trouble-free in its rapid rising to global power, as long as the U.S.-China relationship was stable.

Soft Power Works: The EU’s Eastern Partnership

Those who remember the discussions in 2012 on whether or not to partly boycott the Euro 2012 soccer championship, jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine, due to the imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko and other Ukrainian opposition leaders, would not believe their eyes today.

Italy: Change Without Improvement

Since 1994, Italy has never enjoyed government that was both stable and efficient. Often stability was bought at the price of a lack of implementation of policies that might encounter obstacles and produce reactions in a highly divided, corporatist and selfish society.

François Hollande’s France

Until the recent public airing of his complicated love life, French President François Hollande’s record-setting unpopularity could mostly be explained by the difficult economic context. No one is emerging unscathed from this — except German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Like Germany in the early postwar decades, France frankly faces a situation of constrained choices.