Game of Narratives: Russian Media and Armenia’s #ElectricYerevan

What do the civic protests in Armenia have to do with Maidan and the U.S. State Department? The short answer is nothing, really. Yet, the Russian media would disagree, framing the issue through Moscow’s perceptions and narratives. The discourse surrounding Russia’s recent actions within its neighborhood has clearly underlined the importance of both.

The Green Encyclical: Who will support Pope Francis?

At first sight, the Pope’s green encyclical is a forward-looking pronouncement on contemporary social and environmental issues that should be welcomed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Catholic Climate Change: Pope Francis’s Ecology Encyclical

The Church is the expert when it comes to the end of the world. Rising sea levels and mountain ranges inexorably crumbling into the oceans have been the stuff of Christian fire-and-brimstone sermons ever since Noah survived the Flood with his ark.

Anna Dolidze named Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia

Anna Dolidze, a professor of international law at the University of Western Ontario and the 2012-13 Joachim Herz Stiftung Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, was appointed as a Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia last month.

Revolutions of Dignity: 1989, the Arab Spring, and Ukraine

The German Marshall Fund of the United States’ (GMF) Young Transatlantic Network (YTN) represents a generation that has grown up in a world where Germany is united, the Iron Curtain has fallen, the Soviet and Yugoslav and Czechoslovak unions are a part of history, and the European Union and NATO have expanded to include most of the European continent.