Merkel and Trump: Awkward Partners in Leadership

The first meeting of Donald Trump and Angela Merkel was an awkward affair, from the American president’s lack of response to the German chancellor’s offer of a handshake in front of dozens of cameras, to his bad joke that being wiretapped by the Obama Administration was “one thing” he and the chancellor had in common.

Hans Kundnani in World Politics Review

On March 17, 2017, World Politics Review published an op-ed by Transatlantic Academy Bosch Public Policy Fellow Hans Kundnani, entitled "Why Trump Spells So Much Trouble for Germany - and Merkel."

Yascha Mounk to Direct Research at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Transatlantic Academy Fellow Yascha Mounk will lead "Renewing the Centre" policy work on rebuilding the center ground in politics and countering the rise of populism at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, the London-based Institute announced on March 17, 2017.

The news was announced with an essay by Mounk, entitled "Renewing Liberal Democracy."

Yascha Mounk in Harper's

Harper's Magazine has published a "Letter From Germany" by Transatlantic Academy Fellow Yascha Mounk in its April 2017 issue, entitled "Echt Deutsch: How the refugee crisis is changing a nation's identity."

Stefan Fröhlich in Foreign Affairs

On March 15, 2017, Foreign Affairs published an op-ed by Transatlantic Academy Senior Fellow Stefan Fröhlich with Luke Coffey of the Heritage Foundation and Sigurd Neubauer of the Arab Gulf States Institute, entitled "NATO's Northern Alliance." The piece focuses on German-British-Norwegian defense cooperation. "Enhanced German-Norwegian-U.K.

The Opportunity and Danger of a “Multi-speed Europe”

A new consensus seems to be emerging around the idea of “multi-speed” Europe. The idea has a long history and is to some extent already a reality within the European Union.

Frau Merkel Comes to Washington

German Chancellor Merkel will enter the lion’s den on Friday, March 17, for her first meeting with President Trump. It is difficult to remember such an inauspicious start in the 68-year relationship between the United States and a democratic Germany.