Transatlantic Mining Corporations In The Age Of Resource Nationalism


In this paper, released on Friday May 18, 2012, Transatlantic Academy Bosch Public Policy Fellow David Humphreys examines trends in mining and considers their implications for transatlantic mining companies and for the availability of mineral supplies in Europe and North America. Discussion of geopolitical issues is, not unnaturally, normally cast in the language of nation states.

NEW REPORT: Unprecedented Global Resource Demand Will Lead To Severe Market Disruptions And Conflict


WASHINGTON (May 15 2012) — A study released this week by the Transatlantic Academy reveals that severe market disruptions and violent conflict at the interstate and local level in many hot spots -- especially in Asia, Africa, and Latin America -- are increasingly likely unless the transatlantic community takes the lead in addressing the challenges of unprecedented global demand for a nexus of reso