Suspicious Minds: U.S.German Relations in the Trump Era - Deutsche Zusammenfassung

Neuer Bericht: Trump muss den Wert der transatlantischen Zusammenarbeit erkennen; Deutschland muss Verteidigungsausgaben innovativ erhöhen

Seit Monaten sorgt U.S.-Präsident Donald Trump auf beiden Seiten des Atlantiks für Verunsicherung. Die wechselnden politischen Positionen des amerikanischen Staatsoberhauptes belasten deshalb auch die deutsch-amerikanischen Beziehungen.

From French Resilience to a Re-Foundation of Europe?

Emmanuel Macron’s sweeping victory on May 7 was the result of two main factors. The first is France’s underestimated resilience in the face of a host of economic, international, political, and societal challenges. The second factor has been the French people’s attachment to the European Union, which has been resoundingly confirmed.

The “East Asianization” of Europe?

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has created unprecedented uncertainty about the U.S. security guarantee towards its allies in Europe.

Merkel and Trump: Awkward Partners in Leadership

The first meeting of Donald Trump and Angela Merkel was an awkward affair, from the American president’s lack of response to the German chancellor’s offer of a handshake in front of dozens of cameras, to his bad joke that being wiretapped by the Obama Administration was “one thing” he and the chancellor had in common.

The Opportunity and Danger of a “Multi-speed Europe”

A new consensus seems to be emerging around the idea of “multi-speed” Europe. The idea has a long history and is to some extent already a reality within the European Union.

Frau Merkel Comes to Washington

German Chancellor Merkel will enter the lion’s den on Friday, March 17, for her first meeting with President Trump. It is difficult to remember such an inauspicious start in the 68-year relationship between the United States and a democratic Germany.

Why Germany Might Take a Maple Leaf from Canada’s Book

German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington for the first time on Tuesday, March 14. The visit could be contested. But Merkel might be able to deflect criticism and work with Trump by taking a maple leaf out of Canada’s book.

Approaching Trump

Little is more unsettling to a nation than an ally who becomes skeptical of cooperation. Many allies of the United States are now navigating the uncertain terrain of a new, unpredictable U.S. president who is questioning their value. U.S. President Donald Trump’s transactional view of “America First” politics paired with general unpredictability have left allies scrambling.

Role Reversal: Geo-economic America and Geopolitical Germany

On December 27, 2016, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an op-ed by Transatlantic Academy Executive Director Stephen Szabo entitled "Amerika zieht sich zurück, Deutschland wird Anker" on its website.

Berlin’s New Pragmatism: Will It Be Enough After Trump’s Election?

By Stefan Fröhlich

From Russia to refugees, from the eurozone to TTIP, from Brexit to President-elect Donald Trump – at a time of radical uncertainties and a fast-changing European and global environment, Germany knows that it cannot escape from more responsibility. At the same time, Berlin is overwhelmed by expectations which it cannot fulfill alone.