Stephen Szabo on BBC World News: Germany's Response to the Migration Crisis

On Tuesday September 1, 2015, TA execuitve director Appears on BBC World News America to discuss the German response to the migration crisis.

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Islam and International Order


On July 22, 2015, the George Washington University Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS) published a collection of essays on "Islam and International Order" in cooperation with the Transatlantic Academy.

Game of Narratives: Russian Media and Armenia’s #ElectricYerevan

What do the civic protests in Armenia have to do with Maidan and the U.S. State Department? The short answer is nothing, really. Yet, the Russian media would disagree, framing the issue through Moscow’s perceptions and narratives. The discourse surrounding Russia’s recent actions within its neighborhood has clearly underlined the importance of both.

The Green Encyclical: Who will support Pope Francis?

At first sight, the Pope’s green encyclical is a forward-looking pronouncement on contemporary social and environmental issues that should be welcomed by Christians and non-Christians alike.